Bentley Bentayga Range

The Bentley Bentayga Range redefines luxury travel with its unrivalled driving capabilities, powerful performance and exquisite craftsmanship. Experience the ultimate in luxury.

The Bentley Bentayga EWB Range Models/ Variants/ Trims

Discover a diverse selection of models, variants, and trims designed to cater to every driving need and preference. The range encompasses a variety of options, each meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, style, and innovation. Explore the lineup below to find the perfect model that aligns with your lifestyle and expectations.

Bentley Bentayga Range luxury SUV reviews

Bentley Bentayga Range summary


The Bentley Bentayga Range, featuring a 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine or a 3.0-liter hybrid, redefines luxury SUVs with unparalleled craftsmanship, comfort, and exhilaration. It stands in a league of its own, setting a new standard in the automotive world.

Bentayga’s Craftsmanship and Power:

  1. Bentley Bentayga S: Stylish and Dynamic: The Bentley Bentayga S, a standout in the lineup, marries bold styling with thrilling performance. Designed to turn heads, this model is a testament to Bentley’s commitment to creating SUVs that not only deliver on power but also make a distinctive style statement.
  2. Bentley Bentayga Azure: Exquisite Craftsmanship and Innovation: The Bentley Bentayga Azure showcases Bentley’s dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology, promising an inspiring and luxurious travel experience. This model is a harmonious blend of elegance and cutting-edge features.
  3. Bentley Bentayga A: Elevating Travel Experiences: With a focus on exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology, the Bentley Bentayga A enriches the journey for its occupants. It exemplifies Bentley’s commitment to creating SUVs that transcend conventional expectations of luxury and performance.
  4. Bentley Bentayga Base: Perfect Balance of Luxury and Capability: The Bentley Bentayga Base model strikes a perfect balance between luxury, performance, and go-anywhere capability. It encapsulates Bentley’s pursuit of perfection, offering a seamless fusion of opulence and off-road prowess.
  5. Bentley Bentayga Technology: Effortless Integration: Ensuring a seamless life with your vehicle, every Bentley Bentayga and Bentayga Extended Wheelbase is equipped with cutting-edge technology. From entertainment to safety features, Bentley’s commitment to making every aspect of ownership effortless is evident in the Bentley Bentayga Technology lineup.

The Bentley Bentayga Range caters to diverse preferences, setting itself apart as the epitome of luxury SUVs, where each model combines power, sophistication, and advanced technology for an unrivaled driving experience.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Bentley Bentayga Range’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Craftmanship and Design of the Bentley Bentayga Range


  1. Uncompromising Performance and Craftsmanship: The Bentley Bentayga stands as the epitome of a luxury SUV, seamlessly blending exhilarating performance with exquisite craftsmanship. Boasting a choice between a powerful V8 petrol engine and an efficient V6 hybrid powertrain, the Bentley Bentayga offers a driving experience that transcends compromise.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology and Versatility: Packed with the latest lifestyle-enhancing technology, the Bentley Bentayga features driver assistance systems and connected services accessible via smartphone integration. Its versatility is highlighted by the option for both on and off-road driving, along with customizable seating configurations, making it a practical choice for any journey.
  3. Diverse Range for Every Preference: From the enhanced luxury and comfort of the Bentley Bentayga A to the wellbeing-focused Bentley Bentayga Azure and the sports-styled Bentayga S, the Bentayga Range caters to diverse preferences. Extended Wheelbase models, including the pinnacle Bentley Bentayga EWB Mulliner, offer additional legroom for those seeking the utmost in luxury. Whether for business or leisure, the Bentley Bentayga RangeBentayga emerges as a peerless luxury SUV, redefining expectations in its class.


  1. Distinctive Grille Designs: The Bentley Bentayga Range is a testament to unrivaled attention to detail, evident from its first glance. The imposing front, adorned with a sculpted bumper, showcases a grille that varies based on your chosen model. The Bentley Bentayga S exudes sportiness with a black matrix grille, while the Azure and A models feature bright chrome, vertical-vaned grilles. The base model boasts a black matrix grille with a chrome surround, allowing you to tailor the design to your preference.
  2. Illuminating Brilliance: Enhancing the car’s visual allure are LED matrix headlamps with a cut crystal-like design, complementing the jeweled 3D lamps at the rear. The profile is adorned with gleaming details, including badges, wing vents, and side sills that accentuate the car’s sleek form. The commanding stance is further emphasized by meticulously designed wheels, ranging from 21” on the Bentley Bentayga and Bentayga A to 22” on the Azure and S.
  3. Personalized Interior Luxury: Inside, the Bentley Bentayga offers a haven of luxury, featuring hand-stitched leather and hand-finished veneers. The cabin space is a canvas for personalization, allowing you to commission it according to your taste. Carpets made from 100% recycled nylon underscore Bentley’s commitment to sustainability, while optional deep pile overmats crafted from soft, sustainable wool add an extra touch of opulence.
  4. Versatile Configurations: The Bentley Bentayga caters to diverse needs with a range of interior configurations. A four-seat cabin option provides enhanced comfort for rear-seat passengers, offering each occupant a full-featured seat. Alternatively, the five-seat configuration allows for fully folding rear seats, maximizing practicality. For those seeking additional rear legroom, the Extended Wheelbase models present an enticing option, ensuring that every aspect of the Bentley Bentayga is crafted to exceed expectations in design and functionality.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Bentley Bentayga Range’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.


  1. Dual Powertrains for Unrivaled Choice: The Bentley Bentayga Range offers a power-packed driving experience with a choice between two formidable powertrains. Whether you prefer the commanding roar of the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine or the efficient performance of the 3.0-liter V6 hybrid, the Bentley Bentayga ensures power on demand to suit your preferences.
  2. Innovative Technologies for Dynamic Driving: Every Bentley Bentayga comes equipped with active all-wheel drive, and V8 models boast the additional advantage of Bentley Dynamic Ride—an electronic anti-roll system. This innovation automatically adjusts to driving conditions, enhancing stability during high-speed cornering and improving ride quality on open roads. V8 models also feature all-wheel steering, providing a tighter turning circle at low speeds and delivering smooth and comfortable lane changes at higher speeds. Hybrid models, on the other hand, offer the convenience of electric power for urban journeys, aligning with eco-conscious practices in low-emission zones.
  3. Performance Without Compromise: The Bentley Bentayga is engineered for extreme performance without compromising on comfort or practicality. Whether conquering well-paved roads or venturing into the unknown where roads cease to exist, the Bentley Bentayga is designed to excel in every driving scenario, making it the ultimate choice for those who demand power and luxury without compromise. Enquire now to experience the unmatched performance of the Bentley Bentayga.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Bentley Bentayga Range’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Bentley Bentayga Range technology reviews


  1. Advanced Air Filtration for Wellbeing: The Bentley Bentayga Range introduces a digital masterclass in technology, prioritizing the wellbeing of its occupants. Every Bentley Bentayga now boasts an advanced air filtration system that optimizes interior air quality, reducing airborne pollutants, including harmful PM2.5 particles. Displayed in the driver’s information panel, the air quality levels inside and outside the vehicle reassure passengers that their wellbeing is a top priority. The system even detects rear-seat occupancy, adjusting settings to conserve energy and ensure a comfortable environment.
  2. Intelligent Park Assist for Effortless Parking: The Bentley Bentayga’s Intelligent Park Assist goes beyond convenience, allowing the SUV to park itself. In tight spaces, the system can be activated remotely from a smartphone using the My Bentley app, enabling the driver to exit the vehicle before initiating the maneuver. Manoeuvre Assist safeguards against bumps in tight spaces, while the 3D surround view provides a real-time, three-dimensional perspective based on input from all four cameras.
  3. Unrivaled Driving Assistance Features: The Bentley Bentayga Range offers a suite of driving assistance features for a safer and more satisfying open-road experience. The Touring Specification, standard on the Azure and Mulliner models and optional across the range, includes night vision, a head-up display, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Guidance. This technology ensures a safe following distance in congested traffic, keeps the vehicle centered in its lane, and alerts the driver to any drift or necessary course corrections.
  4. Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control for Seamless Travel: Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control takes open-road cruising to the next level by automatically adapting speed to changing limits, handling junctions, traffic lights, and roundabouts. This feature ensures a seamless driving experience beyond the highway, offering automatic speed adjustments while navigating diverse road conditions.
  5. Effortless Cabin Comfort: Hybrid models of the Bentley Bentayga introduce the My Cabin Comfort feature, allowing users to set the cabin temperature via a mobile phone before departure. This life-enhancing feature is part of the My Bentley connected services, offering a personalized and comfortable environment tailored to the driver’s preferences.
  6. Perfectly Prepared Journeys: The Bentley Bentayga’s technology extends to perfect journey preparation, epitomized by the My Cabin Comfort feature on hybrid models. It enables users to set the cabin temperature and defrost windows remotely, ensuring a comfortable and ready-to-go experience. These cutting-edge technologies showcase Bentley’s commitment to innovation, enhancing both the driving and ownership experience of theBentley Bentayga.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Bentley Bentayga Range’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Bentley Bentayga Range personalization and accessories


  1. Exterior Elegance: Start the journey of commissioning your ideal Bentley Bentayga by choosing from a diverse palette of exterior colors. Options include seven standard colors, expanding to 16 for the Bentley Bentayga Speed or Bentley Bentayga Azure. Explore further with the extended range, offering around 60 colors, duo-tone choices, and exclusive Mulliner Paints. Elevate the exterior aesthetics with the Blackline Specification, turning all brightly finished details black, except for the iconic ‘BENTLEY’ lettering and wing badges. For those seeking heightened road presence, the Styling Specification adds a full carbon fiber body kit.
  2. Interior Opulence: Personalize the interior of your Bentley Bentayga with a selection of traditional high-gloss wood veneers or opt for modern open-pore alternatives that use less lacquer. Technical, non-wood options like carbon fiber and Dark Tint Diamond Brushed Aluminum provide a contemporary touch. The beautiful Piano Linen by Mulliner finish for the fascia and waistrails adds a luxurious touch to the interior. The Color Specification expands your choices with additional hide colors, while Leather Specifications replace cloth-trimmed areas with opulent leather. Accentuate your choices further with the Mulliner Colour Specification, offering eight new colors for accents and stitching.
  3. Beyond Aesthetics: The personalization possibilities extend beyond aesthetics to enhance comfort and functionality. Add practical features like Picnic Tables mounted on the backs of front seats, setting the stage for alfresco luxury. Illuminate the cabin with mood lighting and showcase individuality with illuminated treadplates. The Front Seat Comfort Specification introduces ventilation and massage functions, adjustable cushion and backrest bolsters, and winged comfort headrests for the ultimate driving experience. For a lavish rear cabin, opt for the Four Seat Comfort Specification, providing two fully featured rear seats and a luxurious long center console that spans the entire length of the cabin.
  4. Attention to Detail: Your Bentley Bentayga can be personalized down to the finest details. The Blackline Specification and Styling Specification offer meticulous exterior enhancements, while the choice of veneers, materials, and finishes in the interior reflects unrivaled attention to detail. The Mulliner Colour Specification allows you to create a bespoke interior with unique color combinations and stitching.
  5. Truly Bespoke Experience: Commissioning your Bentley Bentayga is not just about choosing colors; it’s about creating a truly bespoke SUV tailored to your preferences. The extensive range of personalization options ensures that every aspect of your Bentley Bentayga reflects your individual style and taste, making it a unique expression of luxury and sophistication.


  1. Fixed Sill Step for Enhanced Accessibility: Elevate your off-road lifestyle with Fixed Sill Steps designed for the Bentayga. Providing ease of entry and exit, these steps are available with meticulously finished inserts in Black, Bentley-branded Carbon Fiber, and Moonbeam. Perfectly complementing the Bentley Bentayga Styling Specification and Blackline Specification, they add both functionality and style to your SUV.
  2. PPF for Pristine Exterior Protection: Preserve your Bentayga’s pristine exterior with Paint Protection Film (PPF). This clear, high-performance film acts as a shield, preventing chips and light scratches in the paintwork. Applied with heat, it effectively removes fine scratches and swirl marks, ensuring that your car’s exterior finish remains as flawless as the day it left the factory.
  3. Cross Bars for Roof Storage: Tailor your Bentley Bentayga’s versatility with Cross Bars, the foundation of the roof storage system. Designed to support the SUV’s aerodynamic performance, these bars securely lock to the car’s roof rails, ensuring safe transit and instilling confidence in all driving conditions.
  4. Purposeful Customization: Bentley offers a range of accessories to make your Bentley Bentayga truly your own. Whether it’s about enhancing accessibility, protecting the exterior, or optimizing storage, each accessory serves a purpose. These recommended accessories not only add functionality but also seamlessly integrate with the Bentayga’s design, reflecting Bentley’s commitment to purposeful and elegant customization.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Bentley Bentayga Range

Bentley Bentayga Range is one of the most luxurious and powerful SUVs available on the market today. It features a powerful and efficient 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine or a 3.0 litre hybrid and advanced all-wheel drive system for the ultimate on-road and off-road performance. It’s no surprise that the Bentley Bentayga Range has earned its prestigious reputation. On top of all this, the cars also offers a plethora of driver-assistance features for a truly safe and comfortable ride.

Anyone who is looking for an opulent, luxurious large SUV that offers a thrilling muscle machine ride. The Bentley Bentayga Range is designed with both performance and luxury in mind, offering 7-seats in a four-door SUV design. It is ideal for affluent individuals who want an all-in-one vehicle capable of both city and off-road driving.

Yes, the Bentley Bentayga Range is a good car. It is an ultra-luxury SUV with powerful engines, a luxurious interior, and state of the art technology. The Bentley Bentayga is praised for its driving dynamics, comfort, and attention to detail. It is one of the most expensive SUVs on the market but it offers an unmatched level of luxury.

The Bentley Bentayga Range is a luxury SUV.

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