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Discover the future of motoring with BYD cars. Our advanced models provide exceptional electric performance loved by environmentally conscious drivers. Uncover why our high-efficiency EVs have won hearts across the globe. Join us to know more today!

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BYD Auto is a Chinese automobile manufacturer and subsidiary of BYD Company, which specializes in battery technology. Since its establishment in 2003, BYD Auto has gained significant recognition for its development and production of hybrid and fully electric vehicles. The company creates several types of automobiles, including cars, buses, trucks as well as rechargeable batteries. Notable models include the e6 electric vehicle (EV) and the Qin Pro plug-in hybrid.

With faith in its potential confirmed by stakeholders like Warren Buffet who’s invested heavily in it, BYD continues focusing on producing eco-friendly transportation solutions that remain affordable but formidable alternatives to more traditional combustion engine counterparts—thanks to their proprietary battery technology.

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Purchasing a BYD car offers several advantages. As one of the early pioneers in electric vehicle technology, BYD vehicles are equipped with advanced, proprietary battery systems that deliver impressive efficiency and range. The company’s focus on environmentally friendly solutions means you’re investing in a future of sustainable transportation. Their models come packed with tech-forward features for safety and convenience, often rivalling those found in more high-end brands thereby providing value for money.

Dependable performance further complements practical designs suitable for various driving needs – from daily commuting to longer family trips. With ongoing expansion of their fast-charging infrastructure globally and lower maintenance costs associated with electric cars compared to traditional ones; owning a BYD car becomes an increasingly appealing prospect.

Yes, BYD car is generally considered a good car, especially for those who prioritize sustainability and cost-effectiveness. As an established player in the electric vehicle industry, BYD integrates its advanced battery technology into its vehicles to create cars known for their impressive electric range and reliability. The company offers a variety of models to cater to different customer needs while ensuring each vehicle comes equipped with plentiful contemporary safety and convenience features suitable for modern driving experiences.

Given these factors coupled with the lower running costs attributed to EVs compared to gasoline cars, BYD constitutes a competitive choice against various global automotive brand offerings.

Investing in a BYD car brings several benefits. Being a leader in electric vehicle technology, BYD offers efficient and high performing electric cars with considerable range. Their vehicles come packed with innovative features comparable to leading EV manufacturers at an affordable price, making them an excellent value-for-money proposition. As a pioneer in battery technology, BYD ensures its vehicles are reliable on road while the regular software updates further improve the functionality and lifespan of their cars post purchase.

Supporting this eco-friendly alternative promotes sustainability and contributes toward reducing carbon footprint on earth – making it not just about driving but also about responsible choices towards our environmental future.

  1. BYD Han EV: The flagship sedan from BYD, Han EV is a luxury electric vehicle that promises remarkable acceleration and range performance.
  2. BYD e6: Known for its spaciousness and durability, this all-electric MPV has been popular globally including use in taxi fleets due to its sizeable driving range on single charge
  3. BYD Qin Plus DM-i Hybrid: This plug-in hybrid vehicle offers impressive fuel economy with the flexibility of hybrid mode enabling long distance travels when necessary.
  4. Tang EV600: High-performance SUV from their line-up
  5. Song Plus EV: A mid-size all-electric SUV that combines style, utility, & technology to give owners a comfortable riding experience whilst being environment friendly
  6. Yuan Pro EV – This is an entry-level pure electric subcompact & amongst most affordable offering which appeals broad customer base looking into owning their first Electric Vehicle

These mentioned name plates currently represent the cream of crop under BYD’s portfolio.

As of today, some of the best-selling BYD cars include:

  1. BYD Han EV: Known for its stylish design, roomy interior and powerful electric range capabilities.
  2. BYD Qin Pro: It’s a plug-in hybrid fastback praised for its performance, fuel-efficiency and spacious cabin.
  3. BYD Tang: This SUV is popular because of versatility, comfort, advanced features and an impressive hybrid variation ensuring long driving range capabilities.
  4. BYD Song EV series (includes compact-SUVs like Song & Song Max): These models have been consistent performers in sales due to their perfect blend of size, practicality & affordability

Please note that specific sales figures might vary depending on geography or certain sell-period.

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