Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox

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The Ferrari Roma models range / variants/ trims

Discover a diverse selection of models, variants, and trims designed to cater to every driving need and preference. The range encompasses a variety of options, each meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, style, and innovation. Explore the lineup below to find the perfect model that aligns with your lifestyle and expectations.

Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox

Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox summary

  • Vehicle Name: Ferrari Roma
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  • Country: #ITALY
  • Year: 2024
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Timeless Elegance

Refined Proportions, Timeless Design

Discover the Ferrari Roma, a captivating mid-front-engined 2+ coupé that seamlessly blends refined proportions with timeless design. Paying homage to the carefree, pleasurable lifestyle of 1950s and ’60s Rome, the Ferrari Roma stands as a contemporary icon of elegance and sophistication.

Unparalleled Performance and Style

Experience the perfect union of distinctive flair and unparalleled performance. The Ferrari Roma not only captures attention with its aesthetic allure but also delivers remarkable handling and speed, embodying the essence of the Prancing Horse legacy.

Environmental Efficiency

Low Emissions, High Standards

Setting new standards in environmental consciousness, the Ferrari Roma boasts impressive CO2 emission levels. From low to extra high, the car’s commitment to eco-friendliness is evident, with combined emissions reaching just 255 g/km, showcasing Ferrari’s dedication to sustainability.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

Navigate the roads with efficiency. The Ferrari Roma’s fuel consumption figures, ranging from low to combined, underscore its commitment to balance performance with environmental responsibility. With consumption as low as 9.7 L/100 km in high conditions, the Ferrari Roma redefines the intersection of luxury and sustainability.

Values conform to European Regulation (EC) 715/2007, reflecting the WLTP cycle at the time of type approval.


Absolute Symbiosis

The Ferrari Roma’s design pays homage to the sporty elegance of legendary grand touring Ferraris from the 1960s, capturing the essence of simplicity and sophistication. Inspired by front-engined cars with a 2+ fastback coupé design, the Ferrari Roma seamlessly blends classic styling cues with a modern design language, concealing Ferrari’s signature power within its pure and refined forms.

Sculpted Elegance

The sober and spare front of the car creates a sculpted appearance, resembling an overhanging shark nose. The wide front bonnet and sinuous wings flow seamlessly, maintaining Ferrari’s traditional styling cues. To preserve minimalist elegance, unnecessary vents and decorations are omitted, and engine cooling is strategically incorporated into surfaces. The full-LED headlights, with a horizontal light strip, add a distinctive character reminiscent of the iconic Ferrari Monza SPs.

Harmonious Proportions

The Ferrari Styling Centre prioritizes clean design and absolute symbiosis in the Ferrari Roma’s exterior, emphasizing harmonious proportions and elegant volumes. The rear screen incorporates an active aero device, preserving the car’s purity of form. Technological advancements enable a minimalist and iconic form for the twin taillights, creating a dialogue with the nolder. The compact aerodynamic diffuser, featuring fences and exhausts, completes the rear with modern flair.

Modern Interpretation

The Ferrari Roma’s exterior reflects a modern interpretation of grand touring Ferraris, showcasing a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The designers meticulously remove superfluous details to highlight the car’s sleek lines. The resulting design not only captures the spirit of classic Ferraris but also establishes the Ferrari Roma as a contemporary icon of elegance and performance.

Minimalist Rear Aesthetics

The rear of the Ferrari Roma showcases minimalist aesthetics, where twin taillights resemble gems set into the volume. Linear light strips create a continuous virtual line, emphasizing the car’s aerodynamic sophistication. The compact aerodynamic diffuser adds a final touch, integrating fences and exhausts for a harmonious and technologically advanced rear design.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Interior Innovation

Driver-Centric Steering Wheel

The Ferrari Roma’s interior is a testament to innovation, focusing on the complete redesign of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). The driver takes control with a new steering wheel crafted under the philosophy of “Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel.” Featuring haptic controls, the steering wheel empowers the driver to command essential functions without moving hands from the wheel, ensuring an immersive driving experience. The digital instrument cluster, seamlessly integrated and protected by an elegant anti-glare binnacle, extends naturally from the dashboard, providing clear visibility.

Intuitive Central Display

At the heart of the interior lies an exceptionally intuitive 8.4” vertical screen, strategically positioned between the cockpits. This central display serves as a command center for infotainment and climate control functions, enhancing user-friendliness. The driver can effortlessly access a range of features, maintaining focus on the road while staying connected and informed.

Co-Driver Experience

Extending the innovation to the passenger, the Ferrari Roma introduces an 8.8” dedicated color Full HD touchscreen. Positioned to deliver a rich visual experience, this screen allows passengers to actively engage with the car’s performance data and interact with on-board systems. From music selection to navigation information and air conditioning management, the passenger becomes a co-driver, sharing in the immersive and connected journey. The emphasis on both driver and passenger interfaces reflects Ferrari’s commitment to merging cutting-edge technology with the thrill of driving.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari Roma: Power and Precision

Powertrain Mastery

At the heart of the Ferrari Roma’s exceptional performance lies its turbo-charged V8 engine, a distinguished member of the International Engine of the Year family, having clinched the top spot four consecutive times. Generating an impressive 620 CV at 7500 rpm, this powerhouse is seamlessly paired with the cutting-edge 8-speed DCT gearbox, a technology initially introduced in the SF90 Stradale.

New 8-Speed Dual-Clutch Gearbox

The Ferrari Roma’s powertrain innovation extends to its new 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The V8 engine introduces advancements such as new cam profiles, a speed sensor for turbine revolutions, and the inclusion of a Gasoline Particulate Filter to meet stringent anti-pollution standards. Notably, the introduction of the eighth gear contributes to reduced fuel consumption without compromising performance.

Gear Evolution

The gearbox, derived from the SF90 Stradale, undergoes key modifications for the Ferrari Roma. Longer gear ratios and the addition of a reverse gear enhance its functionality. The redesigned clutch module, 20% smaller yet delivering 35% more torque, coupled with optimized transmission software, ensures quicker, smoother, and more consistent shifts, elevating the driving experience.

Zero Turbo Lag

True to Ferrari’s legacy, the Ferrari Roma eliminates turbo lag, offering nearly instantaneous throttle response. Key design elements, including a flat-plane crankshaft, compact turbines, twin-scroll technology, and a single-piece cast exhaust manifold, collectively contribute to improved fluid dynamics, reduced inertia, and maximum power efficiency.

Variable Boost Management

Ferrari Roma introduces Variable Boost Management, a proprietary control software optimizing torque delivery according to the selected gear. This innovative feature ensures powerful acceleration as revs increase, reaching 760 Nm in 7th and 8th gears. The strategic use of longer gear ratios in higher gears minimizes fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining a smooth and consistent pick-up.

Exquisite Exhaust Symphony

The Ferrari Roma’s distinctive engine soundtrack is a testament to its meticulous design. The new exhaust line, sans two rear silencers, reduces backpressure, enhancing sound quality. Oval-shaped bypass valves further decrease exhaust backpressure, offering a proportional and progressive control mechanism based on driving conditions. The result is an auditory experience as unique as the car itself.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari Roma: Aerodynamic Excellence

Mobile Rear Spoiler

Ensuring best-in-class performance without compromising its iconic design, the Ferrari Roma boasts a mobile rear spoiler seamlessly integrated into the rear screen. This innovative feature retains the car’s elegant and pure aesthetic when retracted, automatically deploying at high speeds to guarantee essential downforce for extraordinary performance. The dynamic adaptability of the spoiler exemplifies Ferrari’s commitment to marrying style with cutting-edge aerodynamics.

Vortex Generators for Front Load

The Ferrari Roma achieves an increase in front load through advanced vortex generators. These generators create a ground effect by introducing a concentrated and consistent vortex, effectively managing the wake of the front wheel. This meticulous design ensures the efficient generation of load, contributing to the Roma’s exceptional aerodynamic performance.

Ferrari Roma: Extraordinarily Fun to Drive

Chassis Redefined

The Ferrari Roma’s chassis embodies cutting-edge technology derived from Ferrari’s latest generation models. With 70% of its components being entirely new, both bodyshell and chassis incorporate advanced weight reduction and production technologies. This meticulous redesign ensures that the mid-front-engined 2+ coupé boasts the best weight/power ratio in its segment at 2.37 kg/cv. This ratio significantly enhances handling dynamics and responsiveness, making the Roma a thrilling and exceptionally agile driving experience.

Dynamics Unleashed

The Ferrari Roma stands out as a testament to extraordinary driving dynamics. Benefiting from advanced technology and a redesigned chassis, it delivers a perfect blend of power and precision. The chassis, incorporating innovative weight reduction techniques, contributes to the Roma’s remarkable agility and responsiveness on the road. This meticulous engineering ensures that every drive in the Ferrari Roma is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

Ferrari Roma Dynamics: Unmatched Driving Pleasure

Weight/Power Ratio Revolution

The Ferrari Roma’s dynamic development centers on elevating driving pleasure and comfort through significant mass reduction and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. Boasting a lower mass and a reduced center of gravity compared to previous Ferrari GT models, the Roma achieves the best weight/power ratio in its segment at 2.37 kg/cv. This feat, coupled with an unchanged wheelbase and lower moment of inertia, enhances the car’s overall performance.

A remarkable 70% of components in the bodyshell and chassis are new, contributing to increased torsional rigidity, improved bump absorption, and a heightened sense of solidity during driving.

On-Board Control Systems Advancements

The Ferrari Roma embraces the innovative Side Slip Control 6.0 concept, introducing an algorithm for precise sideslip estimation to on-board control systems. Integrating systems like E-Diff, F1-Trax, SCM-E Frs, and the debutant Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE) in the Race position, the 5-position manettino enhances handling and grip accessibility. With a focus on amplifying driving fun, the introduction of the Race position extends setting ranges, aligning with the car’s basic mechanical setup.

Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer Unleashed

Debuting exclusively in the Race setting of the manettino, the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE) represents a lateral dynamic control system. Functioning by delicately adjusting brake pressure on specific wheels, FDE maximizes fun behind the wheel by ensuring smoother, more predictable, and controllable sideslip dynamics. It’s crucial to note that FDE is not a stability control system but complements the traditional stability control system (VDC), enhancing sideslip dynamics for a more enjoyable and controlled driving experience.

The primary goal of the Race position and FDE integration is to prioritize driving pleasure and fun behind the wheel, delivering an unparalleled and exhilarating driving experience.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari Roma technical specification

The technical specifications of the Ferrari Roma include powertrain, brakes, suspension, interior, exterior, chassis, and axle components, as well as safety features, emissions and fuel economy ratings, and engine performance specifications.

Ferrari Roma Technical Specification
0-100 KM/H3.4s
0-200 KM/H9.3s
Top Speed>320km/h
TypeV8 – 90°
Total Displacement3855cc
Maximum Power620 CV @ 5750 – 7500 rpm
Bore & Stroke86.5 x 82mm
Maximum Torque760 Nm at 3000 ÷ 5750rpm
Engine Speed7500rpm
Compression Ratio9.45:1
Dry Weight1472kg
Front Track1652mm
Rear Track1679mm
Kerb Weight1570kg
Weight Distribution50% front – 50% rear
Dry Weight/Power2.37kg/cv
TransmissionF1 dual-clutch gearbox, 8-SPEED
Electronic ControlsSSC 6.0, Side Slip Angle Control, EPS, VDC, ABS with EBD, F1-TCS, E-Diff3
Tyres and Brakes
Front Tyres245/35 ZR20; 8J x 20”
Rear Tyres285/35 ZR20; 10J x 20”
Front Brakes390 mm x 34 mm
Rear Brakes360 mm x 32 mm
Fuel Consumption/CO2 Emissions
Low17.8l/100 km, 404g/km CO2
Mid10.8l/100 km, 246g/km CO2
High9.7l/100 km, 220g/km CO2
Extra High10.3l/100 km, 235g/km CO2
Combined11.2l/100 km, 255g/km CO2

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Ferrari Roma coupé V8 engine 8-speed DCT gearbox

The Ferrari Roma is a compelling choice for enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of timeless elegance and exhilarating performance. With its striking design reminiscent of iconic Ferraris from the past, paired with cutting-edge technology, a potent V8 engine, and advanced driving dynamics, the coupe delivers an unmatched driving experience. Choosing the Ferrari Roma means indulging in a harmonious symphony of style, power, and precision, making every journey an unforgettable adventure.

The Ferrari Roma is ideal for automotive connoisseurs who crave a sophisticated yet thrilling driving experience. Suited for those who appreciate the perfect fusion of classic Italian elegance and modern performance. Whether you seek a luxurious grand tourer or desire a potent sports car, the coupe caters to enthusiasts who value both style and speed. If you yearn for a meticulously crafted automobile that seamlessly combines timeless design with cutting-edge technology, the Ferrari Roma is tailored for discerning individuals passionate about the artistry of driving.

Yes, the Ferrari Roma is a stellar car, celebrated for its harmonious blend of timeless aesthetics and high-performance capabilities. Boasting a powerful V8 engine, cutting-edge technology, and impeccable design, the car delivers an extraordinary driving experience. With its superior handling, elegant styling, and state-of-the-art features, it stands as a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to excellence, making it a highly regarded and sought-after luxury sports car in the automotive world.

The Ferrari Roma falls into the category of a luxury grand tourer (GT) or sports car. It is designed to provide a perfect balance between high-performance driving and comfort, making it well-suited for long-distance journeys with a focus on elegance and style. The Ferrari Roma combines the thrill of a sports car with the sophistication and luxury expected from a grand tourer.

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