Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 Hybrid Supercar Reviews

Experience automotive perfection with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale—a fusion of raw power and eco-friendly innovation. Explore our website to witness the epitome of speed, luxury, and cutting-edge technology in this iconic supercar. Unleash the thrill now!

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 Hybrid Supercar Reviews

Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 Hybrid Supercar summary

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale: The New Series-Production Supercar

Performance Legacy and Technological Marvel

Named in honor of Scuderia Ferrari’s 90th anniversary, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale signifies a seamless integration of track and road performance. This series-production supercar stands as a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology. Bridging the gap between competition and consumer vehicles, it embodies the culmination of cutting-edge advancements developed in Maranello.

Base Pack Efficiency

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, despite its high-performance nature, also emphasizes environmental considerations. With a CO2 emission rate of 154 g/km, fuel consumption at 6.1 L/100 km, and electric energy consumption of 123 Wh/km, it showcases Ferrari’s dedication to sustainability. Even on the Fiorano track, it maintains a balance with 160 g/km CO2 emissions, 6.0 L/100 km fuel consumption, and 120 Wh/km electric energy consumption, underlining its efficiency across varied driving conditions.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: Powertrain Excellence

Unprecedented Hybrid Power

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale boasts a groundbreaking powertrain featuring a 90° V8 turbo engine producing a remarkable 780 cv—the highest for any 8-cylinder Ferrari. Complementing this power are three electric motors: one between the engine and the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission on the rear axle, and two on the front axle. This configuration, offering a total of 1,000 cv, signifies a harmonious marriage of internal combustion and electric power, showcasing Ferrari’s commitment to performance excellence.

eDrive Efficiency

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale introduces the eDrive mode, where three electric motors generate 220 cv, and a high-performance Li-ion battery provides a 25-kilometer all-electric range using the front axle. Ideal for city driving, eDrive mode allows for quiet operation and lower speeds without utilizing the V8 engine.

Hybrid Mode

As the default setting, the Hybrid mode optimizes overall system efficiency. The control logic autonomously decides whether to activate the internal combustion engine, ensuring powerful performance when needed. This versatile mode seamlessly balances efficiency and power, providing a dynamic driving experience.

Performance Mode

Distinct from Hybrid, the Performance mode prioritizes charging the battery, keeping the internal combustion engine running. This ensures instant and full power availability, catering to driving situations where pleasure and fun take precedence over efficiency.

Qualify Mode

In Qualify mode, the internal combustion engine and electric motors collaborate to unleash the Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s full potential, generating an astounding 1,000 cv. This mode emphasizes maximum power output, allowing the electric motors to operate at their peak potential (162 kW) while prioritizing performance over battery charging.

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale: Aerodynamic Innovations

Vortex Generator Mastery

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale showcases Ferrari’s dedication to aerodynamic excellence with its sophisticated vortex generator system. Balancing rear downforce, the complex arrangement of vortex generators is strategically positioned, utilizing a raised front chassis section and specific wing functions within the front bumper. This meticulous design increases air channeling towards the vortex generators, enhancing their effectiveness. The front bumper’s unique features, including an indent between the upper section and the bonnet, work in tandem with diffusers ahead of the front wheels to generate downforce over the front axle.

Forged Wheels: Aerodynamic Precision

Aerodynamic research extends to the wheels of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, where a specific geometry of forged wheels enhances both aesthetics and performance. The construction technology allows greater freedom in aerodynamic solutions, incorporating radial elements on the outer wheel channel. These elements act as efficient wing profiles, managing flows from the wheel arch and aligning the exiting flow with the longitudinal flow along the car’s sides. The result is improved air evacuation from the wheel arch, contributing to the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.

Shut-off Gurney: Active Drag Reduction

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale employs an innovative shut-off Gurney system integrated into the engine cover to optimize aerodynamics. Designed to keep the engine cover extremely low, this system features a suspended wing with a patented active shut-off Gurney at the rear. Divided into fixed and mobile sections, the shut-off Gurney actively regulates airflow over the upper body. During high-speed scenarios with low lateral dynamics loads, it minimizes drag. In contrast, during cornering, braking, and directional changes, it increases downforce. This dynamic control enhances the car’s aerodynamic efficiency and performance across varying driving conditions.

Smart Cooling Flow Management

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale exemplifies intelligent cooling flow management. With components like the internal combustion engine, gearbox, turbocharged air, battery pack, electric motors, inverters, charging systems, and brakes requiring cooling, meticulous attention has been devoted to the design of the engine bay. This space accommodates both the high-temperature internal combustion engine systems, reaching nearly 900°C, and the temperature-sensitive electronic components. The integration of smart cooling strategies ensures optimal performance and longevity for the diverse array of systems within the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 Hybrid Supercar’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: Dynamics Redefined

4WD Revolution

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale makes history as the first Ferrari sports car equipped with 4WD. Beyond enhancing raw power, a comprehensive focus on dynamics research ensures the SF90 Stradale delivers exceptional lap times while ensuring an exhilarating experience for drivers of varying skill levels.

Intelligent Integration

The novel hybrid architecture demanded extensive integration work on various control logics, encompassing high-voltage system controls, engine and gearbox control, and vehicle dynamics controls. This effort led to the development of the innovative eSSC (electronic Side Slip Control) vehicle control system. The eSSC introduces groundbreaking dynamic regulation and distribution strategies, including Electric Traction Control (eTC) for optimal torque management, brake-by-wire control with ABS/EBD for efficient braking torque distribution, and Torque Vectoring on the front axle for enhanced traction during cornering.

This holistic approach to dynamics ensures that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale delivers a seamless and high-performance driving experience.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 Hybrid Supercar’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: Design Excellence

Innovative Proportions

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Ferrari’s most advanced car to date, embodies a design philosophy focused on pushing boundaries in performance and technology. The exterior styling, a radical evolution inspired by the car’s mission as an extreme sports car, represents Ferrari’s first series production supercar. Ferrari Design has entirely reimagined the proportions of the front, central, and rear volumes, creating a cutting-edge, leading extreme car that sets a new standard for hyper-technological vehicles.

Radical Evolution

In a departure from the styling of previous mid-rear-engined berlinettas, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale positions itself between the F8 Tributo and hypercars like LaFerrari. Flavio Manzoni and his design team capitalized on the architecture with the cabin placed ahead of the mid-mounted engine, resulting in impeccable proportions. Noteworthy deviations include high exhaust pipes optimizing the layout and a lowered tail due to the significantly lower powertrain. The rear screen’s unique profile breaks from tradition, showcasing styling continuity by separating from the cooling grille, marking a radical evolution in Ferrari’s design language.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: Design Exterior Details

Futuristic Headlights

A departure from the traditional L-shaped design, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale introduces a slender slit headlight integrated with brake air intakes, forming a distinctive C-shape. This avant-garde approach adds an original and futuristic appeal to the front of the car. A remarkable innovation is the use of matrix LED headlight technology, a first for Ferrari, enhancing visibility in various driving conditions through active beam control.

Aeronautical Cockpit

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale features a cab-forward-type architecture with more compact overhangs and a frontward-shifted cabin, highlighting the mid-mounted engine. Lowering the cabin by 20 mm, combined with a curved windshield, slender A-posts, and a wide track, creates a beautifully proportioned car. The compact bubble-shaped cabin exudes an aeronautical cockpit feel, accentuated by the forward shift and complemented by body-colored rear flying buttresses.

Evolution of Tail Lights

Radically evolving from Ferrari’s iconic round shape, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s tail lights boast eye-catching, horizontal luminous rings. This design shift not only adds a visually lower perception to the tail but also contributes to the overall modernization and distinctive aesthetics of the car’s rear.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: Interior Innovation

Futuristic Cockpit Design

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s interior marks a radical departure, aiming to set a new design direction for Ferrari’s future range. The cockpit takes a futuristic approach, creating a wraparound aeronautically-inspired space with a strong focus on instruments. This design philosophy emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the car and the driver, making an epoch-changing leap forward with an all-digital Human Machine Interface (HMI). The innovative Head-Up Display projects various data onto the windshield within the driver’s field of vision, ensuring minimal distraction.

Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel

The HMI project allowed Ferrari’s designers to interpret the cabin screens as a canvas representing all the car’s functions. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s interface introduces a 3D effect in screen graphics, particularly striking during transitions. The creative freedom in designing the interface brings a modern and artistic dimension to the user experience. The cabin’s screens serve as a dynamic and visually captivating space where controls and functions seamlessly integrate.

Skillful Merging of Past and Present

The tunnel area interface is a focal point in the cabin’s design evolution. Redesigning the iconic F1 controls on the “bridge,” the Ferrari SF90 Stradale skillfully merges past and present. The controls, set into a modern metal plate, pay homage to a classic feature from Ferrari’s history—the timeless gear lever gate. This thoughtful integration combines modernity with iconic elements, creating a harmonious blend of past and present within the car’s interior.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: Interior Innovations

Futuristic Central Instrument Cluster

Breaking new ground for Ferrari, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale features a singular 16” digital HD screen in the central instrument cluster, curved towards the driver. This design not only enhances readability but also emphasizes the F1-style wrap-around cockpit effect. When the engine is off, the onboard instruments go black, contributing to a sleek, minimalist look. The default screen, in line with Ferrari tradition, highlights a large circular rev counter framed by the battery charge indicator, with the navigation and audio controls placed strategically.

eManettino Power Management

Introducing the eManettino, a steering wheel-mounted selector analogous to the Manettino for electronic vehicle dynamics modes. The eManettino allows the driver to choose from four power unit management modes, optimizing power flows with a focus on either efficiency or performance based on the selected user profile.

Touch Controls Evolution

Following the “hands-on-the-wheel” philosophy, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale incorporates new touch controls, including a compact pad on the right-hand spoke for navigating central cluster screens. Voice and cruise controls find their place on the left-hand spoke, ensuring intuitive access. Noteworthy is the adoption of a rotary switch for cruise control, a direct derivation from Ferrari’s Formula 1 technology, showcasing a seamless blend of racing innovation into road-going sports cars.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 Hybrid Supercar’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale technical specification

The technical specifications of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale include powertrain, brakes, suspension, interior, exterior, chassis, and axle components, as well as safety features, emissions and fuel economy ratings, and engine performance specifications.
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Technical Specification
0-100 KM/H2.5s
0-200 KM/H6.7s
Maximum Speed340 km/h
100-0 KM/H
Dry Weight/Power1.57kg/cv
Laptime at Fiorano79s
TypeV8 – 90°
Total Displacement3990cc
Maximum Power Output @ 7500 RPM1000cv
Max Torque @ 6000 RPM800Nm
Specific Power195cv/l
Max. Engine Speed8000rpm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Max Power Electric Motors162kW
Battery Capacity7.9kWh
Max. Range Under Electric Power25km
Transmission8-Speed Dual-Clutch F1 Gearbox
Side Slip Angle ControleSSC
F1 Traction Control Systeme4WD(eTC, eDiff3)
Ferrari Dynamic EnhancerFDE2.0
Dry Weight1570kg
Front Track1679mm
Rear Track1652mm
Weight Distribution45% ant – 55% post
Boot Capacity74l
Rear Shelf Capacity20l
Front Tires255/35 ZR 20 J9.5
Rear Tires315/30 ZR 20 J11.5
Front Brakes398 x 223 x 38mm
Rear Brakes360 x 233 x 32mm
Emissions (Base Pack)154g/km
Fuel Consumption (Base Pack)6.1l/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption (Base Pack)123Wh/km
Emissions (Fiorano Pack)160g/km
Fuel Consumption (Fiorano Pack)6.0l/100 km
Electric Energy Consumption (Fiorano Pack)120Wh/km

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 Hybrid Supercar

Buy the Ferrari SF90 Stradale for a revolutionary driving experience, combining a potent V8 engine with electric power for breathtaking performance. Its futuristic design, advanced hybrid technology, and the legendary Ferrari pedigree make it a must-have for those who desire the pinnacle of automotive innovation, speed, and luxury.

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is ideal for enthusiasts seeking a cutting-edge, high-performance supercar with a hybrid twist. Drivers who appreciate a blend of advanced technology, electrifying speed, and exquisite Italian craftsmanship will find the SF90 Stradale to be a thrilling and exclusive choice.

Yes, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is an exceptional car, known for its groundbreaking hybrid technology, impressive performance, and striking design. It combines a powerful V8 engine with electric motors for remarkable speed and efficiency, making it a standout in the world of high-performance supercars.

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale falls into the category of high-performance hybrid supercars.

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