Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle

Discover the performance & comfort of the fully electric Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 4MATIC. Find out more now and enjoy the delivery of instant power with sporty agility & intelligent design.

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle summary

Tell us about Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle overview:

  • All-Electric Range:
    • The Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC offers an impressive all-electric range of up to 423 km based on WLTP testing.
  • Fast Charging Efficiency:
    • With fast charging capabilities, you can charge the battery to 80% capacity in just 32 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime for your journeys.
  • Powerful Performance:
    • The vehicle boasts a versatile rated output ranging from 215 kW to 292 hp, delivering exceptional power and performance for a variety of driving conditions.
  • Spacious Luggage Capacity:
    • The Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC provides ample room for your cargo needs, featuring a capacious luggage capacity of 1710 litres. This ensures you have plenty of space to carry your belongings, making it ideal for both daily errands and longer trips.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle exterior review

The Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC’s exterior boasts an unmistakable design, highlighted by the distinctive black panel radiator grille and the continuous light band at both the front and rear, clearly showcasing its alignment with the EQ family’s unique aesthetic.

Exterior Highlights:

  • Width-Emphasising Rear Design: The LED light band between rear lights mirrors the front’s design of the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC, creating a sense of breadth and emotional appeal.
  • Polished Aluminium Roof Rails: Functional and stylish roof rails for various roof rack systems, featuring high-quality polished aluminium finish.
  • LED High-Performance Headlamps: Illuminate the road with precise, wide, and warm-white light, enhancing visibility and safety compared to traditional headlamps.
  • Black Panel Grille with Light Band: The black panel grille, Mercedes star, light band, and dynamic LED headlamps collectively define the striking front of the EQB.

Design and Equipment Line – Electric Art:

  • 19-Inch 5-Spoke Light-Alloy Wheels: Aerodynamically optimized and bicolour paint finish for enhanced aesthetics.
  • Illuminated Door Sill Panels: Feature model series-specific lettering in blue, adding a distinctive touch.
  • Key Options: Includes one black key with chrome ornamental surround and another with rosé gold ornamental surround.

In summary, the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC boasts exterior enhancements like the LED light band and polished aluminium roof rails, along with advanced LED headlamps and a captivating black panel grille. The Electric Art design and equipment line offers further distinctive features, including unique illuminated door sill panels and stylish key options.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle interior review

Experience electrifying journeys in the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle’s interior, where modernity and technology converge through rose gold-colored accents and backlit trim. The presence of targeted design details, such as aluminum-look tubular elements, further underscores the sensation of solidity, robustness, and exceptional quality within the vehicle’s interior.

  • Interior Highlights:

    • Multifunction Sport Steering Wheel: Nappa leather steering wheel features chrome control panels and MICROCUT microfibre grip area, ideal for dynamic driving and rapid maneuvers.
    • MBUX Multimedia System: Intuitively control EQB features through high-resolution screens using gestures, touch, or voice commands with MBUX voice assistant activation.
    • Third Row with Two Seats: Folding third row seats of the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle accommodate up to two individuals (maximum height: 1.65 m) or create a nearly flat surface when folded for versatile loading.
    • Ambient Lighting: Choose from 64 colors to personalize the interior’s ambiance, with dynamic themes and the ability to select preferred hues.
    • Illuminated “EQB” Door Sill Panels: Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC’s Electric Art interior features stainless-steel panels illuminated with distinctive “EQB” lettering in blue for a unique entry and exit experience.
  • Design and Equipment Line – Electric Art:

    • Two-Tone Upholstery: ARTICO man-made leather and Cupertino fabric upholstery in rose gold and titanium grey pearl.
    • Multifunction Sport Steering Wheel: Nappa leather steering wheel with touch control buttons, perforated grip, and flattened lower section.
    • Backlit Spiral-Look Trim: Enhance the interior’s aesthetic with illuminated spiral-look trim.
    • Rosé Gold Air Vents: Air vents with outer ring in silver chrome, air guide in high-gloss grey, and distinctive rosé gold accents.

In essence, the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC’s interior is enriched by a multifunction sport steering wheel, intuitive MBUX system, versatile third-row seats, customizable ambient lighting, and distinctive illuminated “EQB” door sill panels. The Electric Art design and equipment line elevates the experience with two-tone upholstery, a sophisticated multifunction steering wheel, illuminated trim, and unique design elements.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle equipment review

Explore the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC equipment highlights, delving into additional available features across categories such as multimedia, assistance systems, comfort, and safety to enhance your driving experience.


  • MBUX Innovation Package: Equipped with head-up display and Interior Assistant, enabling intuitive and touch-free function activation through hand and arm gestures.
  • Digital Extras: Utilize Mercedes me connect services and apps for added convenience, safety, driving enjoyment, and digital support in-vehicle and on smartphones.
  • Smartphone Integration: Seamlessly connect mobile phones through Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®, ensuring easy access to apps including third-party options like Spotify.
  • MBUX Multimedia System: Control EQB features intelligently and intuitively via large high-resolution screens, activated by touch, gestures, or voice commands.

Assistance Systems:

  • Active Lane Keeping Assist: Warns through steering wheel vibrations when crossing lane markings; intervenes with one-sided braking to guide back into the lane if necessary.
  • Driving Assistance Package: Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC offers support with speed adjustment, steering, and collision risk, enhancing safety and accident prevention.
  • Parking Package with 360° Camera: Utilize Active Parking Assist and 360° camera for parking space search, entry/exit, and maneuvering with virtual bird’s-eye view of your Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC.


  • Adaptive Highbeam Assist: Enhances visibility with extended headlamp range, automatically activating main beam when traffic is not detected of the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC.
  • HANDS-FREE ACCESS: Open luggage compartment conveniently and touch-free through a kicking motion.


  • URBAN GUARD Vehicle Protection: Monitors vehicle surroundings, including anti-theft alarm and collision detection functions.
  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC: Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC will adjusts speed according to speed limits and traffic conditions, reducing driving stress and potentially improving electric range.
  • Sidebags and Kneebags: Rear sidebags protect passengers’ chest area, while the knee airbag safeguards legs during severe frontal crashes.
  • Blind Spot Assist: Provides visual and audible alerts for potential side collisions in blind spots, remaining alert even after the journey.


  • Adjustable Damping: Dynamic Select offers Sport, Comfort, or Eco modes, providing a range of driving experiences.
  • 4MATIC All-Wheel Drive: Fully variable all-wheel drive enhances handling and stability on various terrains.
  • Comfort Suspension: Balances comfort and stability for a smooth driving experience on long stretches and challenging bends.

In summary, the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC offers a range of multimedia features, advanced assistance systems, comfort enhancements, and safety technologies to elevate driving experiences across various aspects.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle technical specification

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle technical specification:

  • Engine:
    • Fuel Type: Electricity
    • Power: 215 kW
    • Acceleration (0-62 mph): 6.2 seconds
    • Top Speed: 160 km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 4,684 mm
    • Width: 2,020 mm
    • Height: 1,691 mm
  • Details:
    • Seats: 5
    • Doors: 4
  • Exterior:
    • 19-inch 5-spoke Light-Alloy Wheels (48R)
    • Electric Art
    • LED High Performance Headlamps
    • Polished Aluminium Roof Rails
    • Vehicle Key Set
  • Interior:
    • 4-Way Lumbar Support
    • Ambient Lighting
    • ARTICO Man-Made Leather – Cupertino Fabric, Two-Tone Rosé Gold / Titanium Grey Pearl (391)
    • Charging Cable for Wallbox and Public Charging Station, 5 m, Straight
    • Comfort Seats
    • Communications Module (LTE) for Mercedes Me Connect Services
    • Door Sills with EQB Lettering, Illuminated and with Exchangeable Cover
    • Double Cup Holder
    • Driver’s Seat, Electrically Adjustable with Memory Function
    • EASY-PACK Tailgate
    • EASY-PACK Through-Loading Facility
    • Extended Automatic Restart in Traffic Jams
    • Hard-Disc Navigation
    • Head-Up Display
    • Interior Mirror and Driver’s Exterior Mirror Automatically Dimming
    • Load Compartment Package
    • Luggage Net on Backrest of Driver and Passenger
    • MBUX Interior Assistant
    • Multifunction Sports Steering Wheel in Nappa Leather
    • Power Front Left Seat with Memory Function
    • Preinstallation for Live Traffic Information
    • Preinstallation for Navigation Services
    • Preinstallation for Remote and Navigation Services
    • Pull-Out Sun Visor
    • Rear Armrest
    • Roof Liner in Black Fabric
    • Spiral-Look Trim Elements, Backlit (54H)
    • Stowage Compartment in Centre Console with Retractable Cover
    • Surround Lighting with Projection of Brand Logo
    • THERMOTRONIC Automatic Climate Control
    • Third Row of Seats
    • Velour Floor Mats
  • Packages:
    • Driving Assistance Package
    • KEYLESS-GO Package
    • Light and Sight Package
    • MBUX Innovation Package
    • Mirror Package
    • Navigation Connectivity Package
    • Parking Package with 360-Degree Camera
    • Seat Comfort Package
    • URBAN GUARD Vehicle Protection
  • Multimedia and Safety:
    • Advanced Sound System
    • All-Digital Instrument Display
    • Android Auto
    • Apple CarPlay™
    • Exit Warning Function
    • Extended MBUX Functions
    • MBUX Multimedia System
    • Media Display
    • Smartphone Integration
    • Touchpad without Controller
    • Wireless Charging System for Mobile Devices in the Front
  • Chassis:
    • 12 V – Socket in Load Space
    • 360° Camera
    • Acoustic Presence Indicator
    • Active Brake Assist
    • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
    • Active Lane Keeping Assist
    • Active Steering Assist
    • Adaptive Highbeam Assist
    • Alternating Current Charging System
    • Anti-Theft Alarm System
    • Blind Spot Assist
    • Comfort Suspension
    • Direct Current Charging System
    • Electrically Folding Exterior Mirrors
    • Galvanized Steering-Wheel Gearshift Paddles
    • Interior Monitoring System
    • Knee Airbag
    • Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call System
    • Summer Tyres
    • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
    • Windscreen Wiper with Rain Sensor

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle

The Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle offers many advantages to those looking for a comfortable, efficient, and modern ride. Some of these advantages include:

  • Superior performance: The car offers superior performance with its all-electric powertrain and advanced aerodynamics, resulting in a smooth ride and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Improved safety: The vehicle is outfitted with a variety of advanced driver assistance systems and safety features, making it a safe and reliable choice on the road.
  • Enhanced convenience: It has a range of advanced connectivity features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to stay connected and be productive while driving.
  • Environmentally friendly: An electric car helps reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, making it a more sustainable choice in a world concerned about climate change.

For those looking for a modern and luxurious driving experience, the Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle is one of the best choices on the market.

The Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC electric vehicle is a good option for people looking for a powerful yet luxurious SUV. It is perfect for those who prioritize luxury and performance, and want an all-in-one green solution. It’s also ideal for those who want the modern features and high-end technological capabilities of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but don’t want to sacrifice the environmental benefits of an electric vehicle.

The Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC has earned glowing reviews from several automotive publications, making it a great car overall. It offers luxury features, a smooth ride, and plenty of power under the hood. However, like all cars, how good it is for you depends on your personal needs.

The Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4MATIC is an all-electric crossover SUV.

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