Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport

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Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport

Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport summary

Porsche 911 S/T key features

Porsche 911 S/T: Unleashing Power and Precision

Boasting a starting price of $290,000, the Porsche 911 S/T is a pinnacle of automotive performance. Its robust 518 horsepower engine propels the car from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds, showcasing the agility and speed synonymous with the Porsche brand. With a top track speed of 186 mph on summer tires, the 911 S/T is not just a sports car; it’s a testament to engineering excellence, offering enthusiasts an exhilarating driving experience that combines power, precision, and the iconic design elements that define Porsche.

Note: Prices may vary based on configurations and additional features.

Unlimited Driving Pleasure with the Porsche 911 S/T

The Porsche 911 S/T represents the purest form of the iconic 911, conceived in Flacht and designed for one singular purpose: delivering maximum driving pleasure. With a focus on puristic lightweight design, breathtaking GT high performance, and intentionally reduced sound insulation, the 911 S/T embodies the essence of 60 years of 911 heritage. This model promises an unparalleled fusion of purism, agility, and distinctive driving dynamics, creating an unmatched experience for enthusiasts who appreciate the essence of driving.

Lightweight Construction Throughout

The Porsche 911 S/T embraces a philosophy of lightweight construction, making it the lightest 911 of its generation at a mere 3,056 lbs. Crafted with carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), lightweight glass, magnesium wheels, and reduced insulation, this model prioritizes performance through minimal weight. The result is a nimble and agile driving experience that amplifies the essence of driving pleasure.

Pure Understatement

Exemplifying classic understatement, the Porsche 911 S/T boasts painted CFRP elements, clear shapes, and a focus on essentials. The design philosophy combines minimalist aesthetics with a unique driving experience. The elegant appearance, featuring silver logos and wheels with exclusive S/T decorative covers against the Jet Black paint finish, creates a brilliant contrast that speaks to the pure and timeless exterior design of the Porsche 911 S/T.

Maximum Driving Pleasure

The Porsche 911 S/T delivers maximum driving pleasure with a modified 4.0-liter high-revving naturally aspirated engine sourced from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Paired with a short-ratio 6-speed GT sport manual transmission, including a lightweight clutch with a single-mass flywheel, this model is engineered for precision. Its ability to accelerate swiftly into corners and emerge even faster is a testament to the unparalleled performance that defines the driving dynamics of the Porsche 911 S/T.

Timeless Exterior Design

The exterior design of the Porsche 911 S/T is marked by its timeless elegance. Exclusive S/T decorative covers, silver logos, and wheels complement the Jet-Black paint finish, creating a sophisticated yet sporty aesthetic. The attention to detail in the exterior design reflects Porsche’s commitment to blending style with high-performance capabilities.

Sporty Interior

Inside, the sporty character of the Porsche 911 S/T continues with black leather, CFRP full bucket seats featuring seat centers in fabric with pinstripes, and CFRP door grab handles. The interior design underscores the athletic essence of the vehicle while providing a comfortable and engaging environment for the driver.

Chronograph 1 — 911 S/T

As a special touch, the Porsche 911 S/T comes with a unique accessory – the Chronograph 1 — 911 S/T. This exclusive chronograph, adorned with coordinated design details, is available solely for owners of the 911 S/T, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the driving experience.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport performance reviews

4.0-Liter High-Revving Natural Aspirating Engine

The Porsche 911 S/T boasts a classic 4.0-liter high-revving naturally aspirated engine, drawing inspiration from motorsport excellence. This engine, known for its sonorous and robust characteristics, unleashes an impressive 518 hp, showcasing its motorsport pedigree.

With key figures such as up to 9,000 rpm, 6 cylinders utilizing 4-valve technology, and 6 individual throttle bodies ensuring optimal intake air supply to each cylinder, the flat engine delivers unparalleled responsiveness. It is a celebration of Porsche’s commitment to providing an authentic driving experience, combining raw power with the high-revving characteristics synonymous with motorsport engines.

Lightweight Clutch with Single-Mass Flywheel

In the critical junction where the engine and gearbox converge, the Porsche 911 S/T introduces a specific lightweight clutch paired with a single-mass flywheel. This careful selection contributes to the engine’s revving ability, enhancing performance while evoking heightened emotions. The lighter flywheel mass not only impacts the engine’s responsiveness but also adds a visceral element to the driving experience. This meticulous attention to the connection between the engine and gearbox ensures a harmonious blend of power and emotion, making every drive in the Porsche 911 S/T a thrilling and engaging encounter.

GT Sport Manual Transmission

Designed for enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating driving experience, the Porsche 911 S/T features a 6-speed GT sport manual transmission. Offering precise shifts and a shorter gear ratio, this transmission enables spirited and quick acceleration, especially on winding mountain roads. The manual transmission is a nod to driving purists, ensuring a pure, direct, and immersive connection between the driver and the exceptional performance of the Porsche 911 S/T.

Front Double Wishbone Suspension

The Porsche 911 S/T is equipped with a front double wishbone suspension, providing precise braking and steering into corners. This chassis is optimized for quick load changes, ensuring responsive steering even at higher speeds. The lightweight and torsion-resistant carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) lateral stabilizer minimizes tilt angles, enhancing cornering dynamics and contributing to the overall agility of the Porsche 911 S/T.

Specific S/T Tuning

In pursuit of top performance, comfort, and high emotionality, the Porsche 911 S/T undergoes specific tuning for a unique driving experience. Tailored to prioritize pure driving pleasure, the S/T chassis is fine-tuned to deliver a tighter, more direct, and purer driving feel. This specific tuning ensures that the Porsche 911 S/T stands out as a top performer, providing an intense and exhilarating driving experience for enthusiasts seeking the essence of driving pleasure.

Reduced to the Essentials

With a curb weight of 3,056 lbs, the Porsche 911 S/T stands as the lightest 911 in its current generation. This achievement is attributed to systematic lightweight construction that starts with the body and extends throughout the vehicle. The Porsche 911 S/T embraces purism by eliminating elements that could detract from driving pleasure, such as certain driver assistance systems, rear seats, and portions of the insulation material. This commitment to essentials enhances the driving experience, ensuring a pure and unadulterated connection between the driver and the road.

Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Incorporating technology developed for motorsport, the Porsche 911 S/T integrates carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) extensively throughout its construction. Major body components, including the hood, fenders, doors, and roof, are crafted from CFRP. This innovative material extends to other crucial parts like the anti-roll bars and the underbody panel, contributing to the overall lightness and exceptional stability of the Porsche 911 S/T. The use of CFRP not only reduces weight but also underscores the commitment to high-performance engineering in this purist’s 911 variant.

Gurney Flap

Equipped with an automatically extending rear spoiler, the Porsche 911 S/T ensures optimal downforce in every driving situation. Enhancing this aerodynamic feature is the “Gurney Flap,” a CFRP lip angled upward on the spoiler panel. This design not only contributes to the overall aesthetics but also optimizes downforce on the rear axle, complementing the Porsche 911 S/T’s performance-focused aerodynamics.


In the pursuit of minimal air resistance and maximum downforce, the Porsche 911 S/T employs a sophisticated combination of air intakes, spoilers, and diffusers. The front end features a wide spoiler lip, generating additional downforce on the front axle. The specially shaped rear diffuser, equipped with large vanes, creates a vacuum effect, firmly anchoring the Porsche 911 S/T to the road for superior handling and stability.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport interior, exterior and dimension reviews

Porsche 911 S/T exterior

  1. CFRP in Exterior Color Elegance meets understatement in the Porsche 911 S/T’s exterior design, where CFRP body components—hood, fenders, doors, and roof—are seamlessly painted in the chosen exterior color, such as the exclusive Shore Blue Metallic or classic Black. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a harmonious and reserved visual appearance.
  2. Forged Magnesium Wheels Exemplifying the pursuit of weight reduction, the Porsche 911 S/T is equipped with 20/21-inch forged magnesium wheels featuring central locking wheel nuts. Every gram is scrutinized, emphasizing the importance of minimizing rotating and unsprung weight for enhanced performance. The wheels are available in Silver or painted in Ceramica, providing a distinctive touch, especially when paired with the Heritage Design Package.
  3. Gold-Colored Logos Adding a touch of elegance and harking back to historic 911 models, the Porsche 911 S/T with the Heritage Design Package showcases Gold-colored logos. From the “911 S/T” model designation on the luggage compartment lid grille to the “PORSCHE” logos, these subtle details contribute to the sophisticated aesthetic appeal of the anniversary model.
  4. PCCB in Black Ensuring exceptional braking performance and constant pressure, the Porsche Ceramic Composite brakes (PCCB) play a crucial role in the Porsche 911 S/T’s safety and high-speed braking capabilities. The black ceramic brake discs, approximately 50% lighter than cast iron counterparts, exemplify the commitment to performance and innovation.
  5. Decals in Ceramica A distinctive feature of the Heritage Design Package is the use of Ceramica as a subtle contrast to the exterior color. The “PORSCHE” decal set, along with the lollipop, is available in White or Silver, allowing for personalization reminiscent of motorsport successes. This attention to detail underscores the unique character of the Porsche 911 S/T.
  6. Historic Porsche Crest An emblematic nod to the 911’s glorious past, the historic coat of arms from 1963 takes center stage with the Heritage Design package. Featured on the hood, all four wheel caps, and the vehicle key, the Gold-colored “PORSCHE” logo and Orange-colored stripes pay homage to six decades of Porsche 911 excellence.
  7. Silver-Colored Grille Adding a touch of subtlety, the air inlets and outlets of the Porsche 911 S/T with the Heritage Design Package feature a Silver-colored finish. This nuanced detail, covering the front end, hood, and rear lid grille, conceals the high-performance machinery beneath, creating an understated yet powerful impression.

Porsche 911 S/T interior

  1. Lightweight Door Panels The commitment to lightweight design extends to the interior of the Porsche 911 S/T, where careful consideration is given to weight savings without compromising finesse. The Heritage Design Package features lightweight door panels adorned with door pull loops and closing handles made of Classic Cognac semi-aniline leather, offering exclusive accentuating details. As standard, the door pull loops are crafted from textile material, while the closing handles feature a carbon-weave finish.
  2. CFRP Full Bucket Seats Sportiness takes center stage with the full bucket seats constructed from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). These seats not only contribute to weight reduction but also provide excellent lateral support with leather-covered seat bolsters. The history-inspired center parts in cloth with pinstripes artfully mirror the carbon-weave finish. An embossed Porsche Crest on the headrests complements the seat design, creating a harmonious look, especially in combination with the Heritage Design package.
  3. GT Sport Steering Wheel The non-slip GT sport steering wheel is a tactile delight, upholstered in classic Black leather. Featuring a center top marking that indicates steering wheel angle during cornering, it pays homage to the original Porsche 911 models. Optional details include the original crest from 1963 and an instrument cluster with Green scales and White numerals, offering a historical reference.
  4. Two-Tone Elegance The interior of the Porsche 911 S/T with the Heritage Design Package exudes timeless elegance in a two-tone color scheme. Black leather harmonizes with natural semi-aniline leather in Classic Cognac, creating a crisp and sporty atmosphere. Tone-on-tone decorative stitching and a perforated Race-Tex roof lining in Black add nostalgic touches, reminiscent of classic eras.
  5. Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Reflecting the exclusivity of the anniversary model, genuine craftsmanship is evident throughout the Porsche 911 S/T, particularly in components like the storage compartment lid covered in semi-aniline leather. This meticulous attention to detail is emblematic of the craftsmanship that defines Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.
  6. Limited Edition As a testament to its exclusivity, each Porsche 911 S/T bears a Gold-colored limited-edition plaque featuring “60 Years of the 911” model dedication, “911” lettering, and a unique limited-edition number. With only 1,963 examples produced, this plaque, prominently placed on the dashboard’s decorative trim, adds a touch of individuality to each anniversary model.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche 911 S/T 4.0-liter naturally aspirated 6-speed GT Sport’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche 911 S/T standard equipment reviews

Standard equipment for Porsche 911 S/T

Standard Equipment: 911 S/T

20″/21″ 911 S/T Forged Magnesium Lightweight Wheels

Weight-optimized, forged magnesium wheels with one-piece design
Central locking in Satin Black
Rear-milled spokes
Paint finish in Silver
Front: 9.5J x 20 ET46 wheels with 255/35 ZR 20 tires
Rear: 12J x 21 ET45 wheels with 315/30 ZR 21 tires
Wheel center caps with “S/T” logo

Wheel AccessoriesWheels Painted in Silver
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)Tire Sealing Compound and Air Compressor

Full Bucket Seats

Lightweight full bucket seats in carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) with carbon-weave finish and clear gloss coating, featuring integrated thorax airbag, electric height adjustment, and manual fore/aft adjustment for driver and passenger. Seats upholstered in black leather with seat centers in Black fabric with pinstripes in Silver. Headrests are embossed with the Porsche Crest.

Note: Child seats are not compatible with Full Bucket Seats.

Assistance SystemsReversing Camera
Cruise Control
Interior ComfortHomeLink®
2-Zone Automatic Climate Control
Particle/Pollen Filter with Active Carbon Filter
Non-Smoking Package
Audio and CommunicationNavigation Module for Porsche Communication Management (PCM)
Voice Control
Sound Package Plus, analog sound system, 8 loudspeakers, 150-watt total output with integral amplifier and digital signal processing
Smartphone Integration
OthersTire Valve in Silver

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche 911 S/T’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche 911 S/T technical specification

Technical specifications for Porsche 911 S/T:

Technical Data: Porsche 911 S/T
102.0 mm
81.5 mm
3,996 cc
Max. power
518 hp
Max. power at rpm
8,500 rpm
Max. engine speed
9,000 rpm
Max. torque
342 lb-ft
Max. torque at rpm
6,300 rpm
Max. power per liter
129.5 hp/l
Fuel ConsumptionEPA Disclaimer
EPA estimates not yet available.
180.0 in
Width w/ mirrors folded
72.9 in
79.8 in
50.4 in
96.7 in
Turning circle diameter
34.1 ft
Curb weight
3,056 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
3,737 lb
Maximum load
681 lb
CapacitiesFront luggage compartment volume
4.6 ft³
Fuel tank
16.9 gal
PerformanceTop track speed (with summer tires)
186 mph
0 – 60 mph
3.5 s
Terrain FeaturesApproach / departure angle (steel suspension)
6.3 – 9.4 °
Ramp break-over angle (steel suspension)
10.6 °
Max. ground clearance (steel suspension)
3.9 in
Service and WarrantyLimited vehicle warranty
4 years/50,000 miles (whichever comes first) including 24-hour roadside assistance program
Main service interval
Porsche Cars North America offers service and maintenance packages in a variety of terms to match your intended usage. Please see your authorized Porsche Dealer for details and availability.
Limited paint warranty
4 years/50,000 miles (whichever comes first)
Limited corrosion warranty
12 years/unlimited miles

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Porsche 911 S/T

The Porsche 911 S/T is a symbol of classic automotive performance. It’s an icon among enthusiasts and car lovers worldwide, representing the pinnacle of performance and style. With a reputation of being one of the most reliable and sought-after sports cars of all time, the Porsche 911 S/T is a prized possession for any individual looking to turn heads on the road. It’s been engineered and developed to be an exhilarating drive, while providing the latest in technological advancements and a timeless interior.

With its combination of heritage, artistic design, and performance, it’s easy to see why the Porsche 911 S/T is an enviable vehicle.

Individuals who are looking for a high-end performance car and want to invest in a classic vehicle should consider buying a Porsche 911 S/T. This is a great choice for those who are looking to have the best of both worlds—the classic look and feel of the classic Porsche design with modern performance.

Yes, the Porsche 911 S/T is a great car. It is known for its performance, superior handling, and luxurious style. Its iconic design is timeless and attractive. Many automotive reviewers have praised its performance and it is a popular choice among Porsche enthusiasts.

The Porsche 911 S/T is a sports car in the classic Porsche 911 lineup. It is a road-going race car variant that was designed for competition in rally and other forms of motorsports.

*Source: Porsche official website and other trusted sources.

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