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The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, S, Turbo, Coupe, Turbo GT Models/ Variants/ Trims

Discover a diverse selection of models, variants, and trims designed to cater to every driving need and preference. The range encompasses a variety of options, each meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, style, and innovation. Explore the lineup below to find the perfect model that aligns with your lifestyle and expectations.

Porsche Cayenne Models and Info

Porsche Cayenne summary

Porsche Cayenne: Elevating the Driving Experience

Embarking on a journey over two decades ago, the Porsche Cayenne redefined the concept of a sports car, transcending individual boundaries. Today, it stands as a testament to the continuous pursuit of perfection. Whether navigating urban streets, venturing off-road, or conquering racetracks, the Porsche Cayenne promises a driving experience like no other. With its distinctive Porsche design, this SUV seamlessly blends performance and elegance, inviting those who seek to carve their unique path to indulge in the pleasure of driving on any terrain.

The Porsche Cayenne is not just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of individuality and driving excellence that has evolved over time, further bringing people together through shared automotive passion.

Porsche Cayenne: Elevating Every Drive

  1. On and off-road performance: In addition to comfort and sportiness on the road, the enhanced chassis systems also increase performance on demanding terrain.
  2. Matrix Design LED headlights: Equipped with Matrix Design LED headlights as standard, the optional new HD-Matrix Design LED headlights add increased functionality and performance.
  3. Porsche Driver Experience: Available for the first time on the Porsche Cayenne models: the new Porsche Driver Experience operating and display concept designed for the driver.
  4. Infotainment: The infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Spotify, Android Auto, and in-car video expands the digital possibilities. For example, videos can be streamed on the passenger display while driving.
  5. Assistance systems: All Porsche Cayenne models can be equipped with numerous assistance systems that further increase driving comfort and improve safety.
  6. E-Hybrid: The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid models have a new generation of batteries for an increased electric range. In addition, a new electric motor with 174 hp ensures superior driving performance in e-power mode.

Discover the Porsche Cayenne series, where cutting-edge technology meets performance, providing a seamless blend of on-road elegance and off-road prowess.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche Cayenne’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche Cayenne interior and exterior reviews

Porsche Cayenne: A Symphony of Innovation and Practicality

HD-Matrix Design LED Headlights

The Porsche Cayenne introduces cutting-edge HD-Matrix Design LED Headlights, featuring 64,000 camera-controlled pixels with innovative pixel LED technology. These headlights adapt to every driving situation, offering a glare-free high beam, precise lane illumination, mapping of the vehicle width in construction zones, and fog-optimized dipped beam and rain light. Enhancing safety and comfort, these headlights showcase Porsche’s commitment to innovation. Please note that the full LED-Matrix functionality (individual operation of 32,000 LEDs) is limited for the US market.

Wheels and Chassis

Equipped with standard 20-inch wheels and optional 21- and 22-inch wheels, the Porsche Cayenne optimizes handling with new tire sizes. The chassis undergoes fundamental revisions, accompanied by a new adaptive air suspension for enhanced comfort and performance. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) comes as a standard feature across all models, ensuring a dynamic and responsive driving experience.

Luggage Compartment

Versatility meets spacious design in the Porsche Cayenne’s luggage compartment. Offering up to 27.2 cu. ft. of storage volume, and with the flexibility of 40:20:40 folding rear seats, the compartment can extend to accommodate 60.3 cu. ft. The optional cargo management system provides a secure solution for transporting items, featuring integrated attachment rails and a partition net. The Porsche Cayenne not only excels in performance but also in practicality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking innovation and versatility in an SUV.

Porsche Cayenne: Revolutionizing Driving Experience

Instrument Cluster

The Porsche Cayenne redefines the driving experience with its driver-oriented instrument cluster, embracing the new Porsche Driver Experience. Featuring a 12.65-inch curved display, this digital instrument cluster places vital information concisely in the driver’s field of vision. Various display formats cater to individual preferences, offering typical round instruments, a central round instrument with a map section, a full-area navigation map, reduced view, and an optional Night Vision Assist view in the center. This innovation ensures drivers have essential information at their fingertips, enhancing both convenience and safety.

Porsche Front Passenger Display

Not just focused on the driver, the Porsche Cayenne introduces an optional 10.9-inch touchscreen display on the passenger side. Dedicated to navigation and infotainment functions, it assists with route planning and provides insights into the instrument cluster’s data. Additionally, the front passenger display supports in-car video streaming, allowing the passenger to enjoy videos during the journey without distracting the driver. This dual-screen setup signifies Porsche’s commitment to a personalized and enriched driving experience for both occupants.

Porsche Driver Experience

The Porsche Driver Experience display and control concept elevate the personal connection between the driver and the vehicle. Innovative steering wheels integrate assistance system controls, and an engine start/stop button takes its place traditionally reserved for the ignition lock in a Porsche. The fully digital instrument cluster minimizes distractions, emphasizing a heightened focus on the driving experience. In essence, the Porsche Cayenne ensures that every drive is not just a journey but a true automotive adventure.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche Cayenne’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche Cayenne S: Power Unleashed

The heart of the Porsche Cayenne S beats with a newly crafted 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, delivering a formidable 468 hp and an impressive drag torque of 442 lb-ft. Renowned for their exceptional power output, torque, low-vibration operation, and distinctive sound, V8 engines symbolize a relentless pursuit of performance. In the Porsche Cayenne S, this powerhouse propels the driving experience to exhilarating heights, embodying the essence of Porsche’s commitment to delivering unparalleled power and driving pleasure.

Porsche Cayenne: Precision in Performance

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

The electronic marvel of PASM stands as the bedrock of the Porsche Cayenne’s dynamic prowess. Standard across all Porsche Cayenne models, PASM is an intelligent damping control system that actively adjusts damping forces according to road conditions and driving modes. With settings ranging from “Normal” to “Sport Plus” and “Off-road,” PASM ensures reduced body movements and heightened comfort for all occupants.

Adaptive Air Suspension

Elevating the blend of comfort and sportiness, the enhanced adaptive air suspension employs full load-bearing air-spring struts in 2-chamber technology. This sophisticated system maintains ride comfort while offering the flexibility to vary ground clearance, crucial for off-road adventures. The chassis height adjustment adds practicality, allowing the rear end to lower for easier luggage compartment loading.

Chassis Excellence

The Porsche Cayenne’s chassis embodies the perfect synthesis of sporty driving and unparalleled comfort. Enhanced by technologies like Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) for active roll stabilization and rear-axle steering, the Porsche Cayenne effortlessly adapts to diverse driving conditions, seamlessly balancing the thrill of a sports car with the comfort of a luxury vehicle.

High-Performance Brakes

Reflecting Porsche’s commitment to precision, all Porsche Cayenne models feature a formidable brake system. Equipped with six-piston aluminum monobloc fixed calipers at the front and four-piston counterparts at the rear, the one-piece, closed construction ensures exceptional dimensional stability, precise pressure points, and impressively short braking distances.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche Cayenne’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid: Electrifying Performance

Electric Motor Powerhouse

The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid boasts a seamless collaboration between a 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine and a new electric motor generating 174 hp. Together, they achieve an impressive system performance of 463 hp. This dynamic duo not only enhances driving performance in e-power mode but also provides robust support to the combustion engine. The electric motor draws power from the latest traction battery with a capacity of 25.9 kW/h, marking a leap forward in efficiency and performance.

E-Hybrid Advancements

The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid models introduce a new era of electric mobility with an upgraded battery, delivering an extended electric range. Complemented by a new electric motor packing 174 hp, these innovations result in superior driving performance in e-power mode. Porsche’s commitment to sustainable and high-performance driving is evident in the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid’s cutting-edge technology, offering an exhilarating yet eco-conscious driving experience

Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid: Turbocharged Excellence

  1. Striving for More Together: The epitome of collaborative excellence, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid represents the convergence of Turbo luxury, performance, and the efficiency of a plug-in hybrid drive. As Porsche relentlessly pursues perfection, this model emerges as a testament to achieving exceptional heights when pushing boundaries together.
  2. Turbocharged Powerhouse: The heart of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid lies in its impressive power output turned into a system performance. The formidable 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, working harmoniously with a 174 hp electric motor, propels this vehicle into a realm of unparalleled performance. The newly enhanced chassis further solidifies its position as a Turbo model, delivering a driving experience that redefines expectations.
  3. Distinctive Turbo Equipment: Beyond sheer power, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid showcases Turbo-specific features. From the enlarged cooling air intakes and turbo front light modules to the specially tailored brake system and the turbo exhaust system with brushed stainless steel twin tailpipes, every detail exudes the unmistakable Turbo identity. It’s a blend of cutting-edge technology and distinctive design that sets the Turbo E-Hybrid apart.
  4. Adaptive Dynamics with PASM: The standard adaptive air suspension, inclusive of Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), amplifies the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid’s capabilities. Balancing comfort and dynamics seamlessly, the adaptive air suspension adjusts the ride height to vary ground clearance, while PASM actively regulates damping force to minimize body movement. This ensures a driving experience that seamlessly combines comfort and performance, reaffirming Porsche’s commitment to delivering excellence.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Exterior: Unparalleled Design Dynamics

  1. Turbo Front Design: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid makes a bold statement with its characteristic front end. Dominated by significantly enlarged cooling air intakes and distinctive two-row front light modules, this Turbo model exhibits a design that is both aggressive and refined. The Turbo front is a visual testament to its high-performance identity.
  2. HD-Matrix Design LED Headlights: Featuring HD-Matrix Design LED headlights with 64,000 camera-controlled pixels, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid’s lighting system is a technological marvel. Reacting dynamically to driving situations, the headlights offer a glare-free high beam and a fog-optimized low beam for enhanced safety and comfort. The two-row front light modules with position and direction indicator lights contribute to the Turbo’s unmistakable presence.
  3. 21-inch Porsche Cayenne Turbo Wheels: The one-piece 21-inch Porsche Cayenne Turbo wheels, crafted from alloy and finished in Dark Titanium, add a touch of sophistication to the Turbo E-Hybrid’s exterior. With brightly polished wheel centers, wheel arch extensions in the exterior color, and hubcaps adorned with a colored Porsche Crest, these wheels not only enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics but also reinforce its dynamic design.
  4. Turbo Exhaust System: The Turbo E-Hybrid boasts a distinctive twin tailpipe design in brushed stainless steel, a hallmark of Porsche Cayenne Turbo models. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these twin tailpipes deliver an impressive acoustic signature, accentuating the commanding presence of the powerful 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine. The Turbo exhaust system is not just a visual feature but a harmonious integration of design and performance.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche Cayenne’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid interior and engine performance

Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Interior: Luxurious Craftsmanship

  1. Driver-Centric Cockpit: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid’s interior is a symphony of luxury and cutting-edge technology. The driver-centric cockpit puts essential controls at your fingertips, emphasizing a seamless fusion of performance and comfort. Every detail is meticulously crafted, creating an immersive driving experience.
  2. Premium Materials: Step into a world of opulence with premium materials adorning every surface. Leather-clad seats, polished metal accents, and refined finishes elevate the cabin’s aesthetic. The use of high-quality materials reflects Porsche’s commitment to luxury without compromise.
  3. Intuitive Infotainment: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid seamlessly integrates advanced infotainment features. A central touchscreen display provides access to navigation, media, and connectivity options. The intuitive interface ensures that you stay connected and entertained while enjoying the exhilarating drive.
  4. Customizable Ambient Lighting: Tailor the ambiance to your preference with customizable ambient lighting. Illuminate the interior with a spectrum of colors, creating an atmosphere that suits your mood. The attention to detail extends to every corner, ensuring that the interior reflects your personal style and enhances the overall driving experience.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Interior: Performance-Inspired Luxury

GT Sport Steering Wheel: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid boasts a GT sport steering wheel, designed for a racing-inspired experience. The smooth Black leather steering wheel not only exudes motorsport aesthetics but also integrates a mode switch for swift transitions between driving modes, ensuring an immersive driving experience without the need to take hands off the wheel.

18-Way Sport Seats: Elevate your driving comfort with front adaptive sport seats featuring embossed ‘turbo’ lettering on the integrated headrests. The seats are designed with raised side bolsters on the cushion and backrest, delivering ample lateral support during dynamic cornering. The 18-way electric adjustment capability ensures a personalized and ergonomic fit for both the driver and passenger.

Luxurious Materials: Reflecting the exclusivity of the Turbo interior, premium materials grace every surface. Smooth finish leather adorns the seats, dashboard, and upper door trims, creating an ambiance of sophistication. The tactile roof lining, covered with Race-Tex, adds a final touch of luxury, showcasing Porsche’s commitment to combining high-performance capabilities with refined interior craftsmanship.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid: Electrifying Performance and Precision Engineering

1. 4.0-liter V8 Twin-Turbo Engine:

  • 591 hp and 590 lb-ft torque from the newly developed V8 twin-turbo engine.
  • Seamless integration with an electric motor, 8-speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission, and finely tuned chassis systems.
  • Empowers the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid for exceptional straight-line speed and agile cornering.

2. 130 kW Electric Motor:

  • Collaborates with the V8 twin-turbo engine, generating a system performance of 729 hp and 700 lb-ft torque.
  • Quick access to driving modes via the mode switch for a customized balance of power and efficiency.
  • Offers an exhilarating performance at the push of a button, achieving goosebumps-inducing acceleration.

3. Dynamic Chassis:

  • Enhanced chassis technology adapts the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid for dynamic handling and comfortable travel.
  • Features include adaptive air suspension with a level system, height adjustment, and Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) for optimal traction and steering precision.
  • Striking the perfect equilibrium between performance and comfort.

4. Performance Brakes:

  • Specifically tailored brake system with Red 10-piston aluminum monobloc fixed calipers at the front and 4-piston calipers at the rear.
  • Brake disc diameter: 420 mm at the front and 365 mm at the rear.
  • Optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) with carbon-fiber-reinforced ceramic brake discs.

5. Sport Chrono Package:

  • Elevates performance with a sharper setup of the chassis, engine, and gearbox.
  • Predefined driving modes customizable with various vehicle settings.
  • Sport Response button for instant optimum response and performance for approximately 20 seconds.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about LOREM

Porsche Cayenne offers a unique combination of luxurious luxury, dynamic performance, and advanced technology that can’t be found in other vehicles. It offers a host of performance features including Porsche’s trademark dual-clutch PDK transmission, powerful engines, and Porsche Active Suspension Management system that allows for a tailored ride. It also comes with an array of cutting edge safety and technology features such as active all-wheel drive, dynamic chassis control, lane-keep assist, and night vision assist. The Porsche Cayenne is the perfect choice for luxury and performance enthusiasts who don’t want to compromise on either.

The Porsche Cayenne is an ideal vehicle for anyone who wants the luxury and performance expected from a Porsche with the practicality and utility of an SUV. This could include speed enthusiasts, high-end car shoppers, and those looking for a stylish and capable family vehicle.

Yes, the Porsche Cayenne is a great car. It is reliable, powerful, and luxurious. It offers excellent performance and great features. The Cayenne also has a strong resale value, so it is a great choice for those looking for a long-term investment.

The Porsche Cayenne is classified as a luxury mid-size crossover SUV.

*Source: Porsche official website and other trusted sources.

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