Ferrari Purosangue the first ever luxury SUV

Experience the epitome of luxury and performance with the Ferrari Purosangue. Discover groundbreaking innovation and unparalleled elegance. Visit our website for an exclusive look into the future of SUV excellence. Elevate your journey with Ferrari: where passion meets innovation.

Ferrari Purosangue the first ever luxury SUV

Ferrari Purosangue the first ever luxury SUV summary

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Ferrari Purosangue: A Revolutionary Four-Door Marvel

Pioneering Design and Heritage

The Ferrari Purosangue marks a historic moment as the first-ever four-door, four-seater car in Ferrari’s illustrious 75-year history. With a legacy rooted in two-seater excellence, this new model seamlessly integrates Ferrari’s DNA, combining unrivaled performance, driving pleasure, and comfort in a groundbreaking four-door format.

Exceptional Performance and Efficiency

Embodying the spirit of a thoroughbred, the Ferrari Purosangue showcases remarkable performance metrics. From its low CO2 emissions to its efficient fuel consumption, this Ferrari is a harmonious blend of power and environmental consciousness. With values meticulously tested under European regulations, the Ferrari Purosangue defines a new era where exhilarating speed meets responsible engineering.

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Ferrari Purosangue: Masterful Power and Precision

Powertrain: Unleashing the V12 Symphony

The Ferrari Purosangue boasts a groundbreaking mid-front-mounted, naturally-aspirated V12 engine, a first in its class. With a remarkable power output of 725 cv, this engine configuration delivers an unparalleled driving experience and the iconic Ferrari engine soundtrack, setting it apart as a true thoroughbred.

A Sports Car Engine: Torque and Thrills

Designed for optimal torque at low revs, the Ferrari Purosangue’s F140IA engine achieves a remarkable 80% of maximum torque at just 2100 rpm. With a peak torque of 716 Nm at 6250 rpm and maximum power at 725 cv, the engine ensures a linear power delivery synonymous with Ferrari’s naturally-aspirated V12s. Innovative redesigns in intake, timing, and exhaust systems, coupled with Formula 1-inspired calibration, enhance mechanical and combustion efficiency.

Continuous Improvement: Ferrari’s Signature Architecture

Maintaining the proven success of Ferrari’s recent 12-cylinders, the Ferrari Purosangue’s engine adheres to a 65° angle between cylinder banks, a 6.5-liter capacity, dry sump, and high-pressure direct injection. Redesigned rotating masses, modified crankshaft, and enhanced oil flow contribute to improved mechanical efficiency and fuel consumption.

Precision Technology: Innovative Direct Injection

The direct injection system of the engine includes two high-pressure fuel pumps delivering fuel to combustion chambers at 350 bar. Monitored by the ECU with ion-sensing technology, the system ensures precise control of ignition timing, incorporating both single- and multi-spark functions. Ferrari’s Formula 1 expertise adds a patented function optimizing torque during transient acceleration maneuvers.

The Ferrari Symphony: Acoustic Mastery

The F140IA engine’s soundtrack is a perfect blend of combustion sequence and Ferrari’s acoustic control in the cabin. Tuned exhaust manifolds and progressive silencers create the unmistakable V12 harmonics. The resulting symphony, characteristic of Ferrari, delivers an enthralling crescendo as the engine approaches its 8250-rpm redline.

A Change of Gear: Transmission Excellence

The Ferrari Purosangue features an 8-speed, oil-bath dual-clutch transmission with optimized layout and enhanced performance. The new clutch, 35% more efficient, handles dynamic torque up to 1200 Nm during gear shifts. Carefully calibrated gear ratios provide shorter and progressive spacings, ensuring smooth shifts and emphasizing the captivating sound of the new V12 engine.

Ferrari Purosangue: Chassis and Body Excellence

A Genuine Four-Seater Marvel

The Ferrari Purosangue introduces a groundbreaking chassis featuring a carbon-fiber roof and rear-hinged back doors, ensuring seamless ingress and egress while maintaining a compact design. Boasting four generous heated electric seats, the cabin provides unparalleled comfort for four adults. Notably, the spacious boot, the largest in Ferrari’s history, coupled with foldable rear seats, enhances practicality. Despite the commanding driving position, typical of SUVs, the ergonomic layout ensures an intimate and connected driving experience, aligning with Ferrari’s dynamic prowess.

Unlike Any Other: Distinct Layout and Dynamics

Diverging from contemporary GT archetypes, the Ferrari Purosangue revolutionizes the driving landscape. While traditional SUVs struggle with weight distribution and driving dynamics, the Ferrari Purosangue adopts a mid-front-mounted engine and a rear-mounted gearbox, embracing the transaxle layout synonymous with sports cars. With a unique 4×4 transmission, including a front-mounted PTU, this Ferrari achieves the optimal 49:51% weight distribution. The result is a remarkable fusion of versatility and driving performance, setting the Ferrari Purosangue apart as a true Ferrari icon.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari Purosangue the first ever luxury SUV’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari Purosangue: A Fusion of Elegance and Performance

Design: A Distinctive Exterior

The Ferrari Purosangue, aptly named for its thoroughbred nature, redefines the luxury SUV segment with its modern architecture. This four-door, four-seater masterpiece seamlessly blends Ferrari’s signature performance with unprecedented comfort. The exterior design is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, featuring a dihedral suspended on the lower section instead of a traditional front grille. The absence of a grille allows for a sleek, athletic profile, setting the Ferrari Purosangue apart from its competitors.

Unmistakable Look

Innovative design choices characterize the Ferrari Purosangue, evident in the dihedral shape that extends along the car’s flanks. The absence of a front grille is compensated by a disc-like form created by two shells, housing cameras and parking sensors seamlessly. DLRs positioned on each side of the bonnet, coupled with strategically placed air intakes, contribute to the car’s unique and unmistakable appearance.

Surprising Space

The aerobridge theme running along the car’s flanks creates a dihedral shape that culminates in an imposing rear muscle. The wheel arch trim reveals the functional and technical elements, adding a layer to the bodywork that enhances the overall visual appeal. Opening both front and rear doors simultaneously provides a surprising sense of space within the luxuriously appointed cabin, a testament to meticulous design focused on optimizing interior dimensions.

Sportiness and Power

The rear of the Ferrari Purosangue embodies sportiness and power, featuring a horizontal cut line that incorporates taillights at its tips. Below, converging scoops lead to impressive vents, while an imposing diffuser and large rear wings contribute to the perception of width. The overall design reflects a harmonious blend of performance-oriented features and a low-sitting, sporty cabin, reinforcing Ferrari’s commitment to delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

In conclusion, the Ferrari Purosangue is more than just a high-performance SUV; it is a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Ferrari’s heritage while pushing boundaries in the realm of luxury and versatility. From its distinctive exterior to the surprisingly spacious interior, the Ferrari Purosangue stands as a testament to Ferrari’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Ferrari Purosangue: Unveiling Innovative Aerodynamic Solutions

Aerobridge: Redefining Aerodynamics

The aerobridge, a distinctive suspended wing on the bonnet, sets the Ferrari Purosangue apart in aerodynamic innovation. Unlike its namesake on the F12berlinetta, this aerobridge doesn’t enhance downforce; instead, it ingeniously reduces drag. Positioned just ahead of the A-pillar, it exemplifies Ferrari’s commitment to pushing boundaries in design and performance, contributing to the car’s unique aerodynamic profile.

Solutions That Break New Ground

Breaking new ground in design, the Ferrari Purosangue achieves a delicate balance between a smooth roof-rear screen line and a reduced tail height. The suspended spoiler and the nolder on the boot’s lip play pivotal roles. The suspended spoiler neutralizes the roof’s curvature over the rear-seat passengers, while the subtle 7mm-high nolder channels wake vortices, creating a gentle recompression at the car’s tail. These groundbreaking solutions underscore Ferrari’s dedication to innovative design and optimal aerodynamics.

Virtual Rear Screen Wiper

Embracing ingenuity, the Ferrari Purosangue introduces a virtual rear screen wiper concept. The absence of a physical wiper is compensated by the air flow along the glass surfaces at the rear. The curved lower surface of the suspended spoiler ensures the air flows at the correct speed, directing it towards the rear screen. Employing two pairs of vortex generators, this system optimizes scrubbing uniformity, countering vorticity induced by the C-pillar and collaborating with the rear screen’s specific shape.

Wind-Sculpted Aerodynamics

Ambitious Development

Aerodynamics takes center stage in the Ferrari Purosangue’s development, with a focus on efficiency and drag reduction. The front bumper and wheel arch trim collaborate to generate an air curtain that effectively seals the front wheels, preventing turbulent transverse air flows. The ambitious goals for drag reduction, usability, accessibility, and cooling necessitated extensive wind tunnel testing and thousands of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. This level of dedication to aerodynamic perfection aligns with Ferrari’s legacy of pushing the limits in sports car development.

In conclusion, the Ferrari Purosangue transcends conventional aerodynamic norms with groundbreaking features like the aerobridge, innovative spoiler and nolder combination, and a virtual rear screen wiper. This ambitious development reflects Ferrari’s commitment to not only redefining the luxury SUV segment but also setting new standards in aerodynamic excellence.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari Purosangue the first ever luxury SUV’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari Purosangue: Mastering Dynamic Performance

Sports Control: Iterations from Ferrari’s Finest

The Ferrari Purosangue inherits the latest vehicle dynamic control systems from Ferrari’s most powerful sports cars. The independent four-wheel steering, pioneered in the 812 Competizione, and the ABS ‘evo’ with the 6-way Chassis Dynamic Sensor from the 296 GTB enhance the SUV’s agility and precision. This sports control technology ensures a seamless integration of performance and safety, drawing inspiration from Ferrari’s prestigious lineup.

The Ferrari Active Suspension Technology: A World First

A groundbreaking feature making its world debut in the Ferrari Purosangue is the Ferrari active suspension system. This innovative system combines a hydraulic shock absorber with an electric motor for active control at higher frequencies. The speed of the four 48-volt actuators allows precise adjustments, minimizing body roll in corners and optimizing tire contact over high-frequency bumps. Ferrari’s focus on reducing friction, inertia, and clearances showcases its commitment to pioneering advancements in suspension technology.

ABS ‘Evo’ 2.0: Precision in Performance

Equipped with the ABS ‘evo’ 2.0, the Ferrari Purosangue further refines its braking capabilities. Originally featured on the 296 GTB, this system’s development extends to low-grip surfaces, enhancing performance across diverse road conditions. Leveraging data from the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the ABS system ensures accurate estimation of the car’s speed during braking. This precision optimizes the longitudinal force on all four tires, maximizing repeatability and minimizing variations due to natural factors.

Advanced Four-Wheel Drive: A Symphony of Control

The Ferrari Purosangue’s 4RM-S system, inspired by the SF90 Stradale’s 4WD and the 812 Competizione’s 4WS, elevates the SUV’s handling prowess. Torque Vectoring on the front axle, torque distribution to the rear tires by the E-Diff, and lateral force generation by the 4WS collectively enhance yaw management during cornering. The electronic management ensures precise control of each actuator, resulting in faster axle response times and heightened precision in lateral force generation.

Hill Descent Control: Unveiling New Capabilities

Introducing a first for Ferrari, the Hill Descent Control (HDC) feature empowers drivers to navigate steep inclines with confidence. HDC maintains and controls the car’s speed on descents, displayed on the dashboard. The braking system is automatically regulated to prevent exceeding the set speed, offering an extra layer of control on challenging terrains. Additionally, the system allows manual override through the accelerator pedal, providing flexibility and adaptability to the driver’s preferences.

In summary, the Ferrari Purosangue not only embodies the spirit of Ferrari’s sports cars but also sets new benchmarks in dynamic performance. With cutting-edge technologies like active suspension, advanced ABS, and precise four-wheel-drive systems, the Ferrari Purosangue promises an exhilarating driving experience while maintaining control and safety across various driving conditions.

Ferrari Purosangue: Elevating Interior Elegance

A Genuine Ferrari Lounge

Step into the Ferrari Purosangue, and you are welcomed into a genuine Ferrari lounge that seamlessly blends elegance and sportiness. The cabin, reminiscent of an extremely sophisticated and modern lounge, reveals a surprisingly generous space when the doors open. Ferrari’s commitment to both aesthetic and ergonomic excellence is evident in the deliberately compact forms, optimizing available space and ensuring a luxurious interior ambiance.

Dual Cockpit Architecture

The Ferrari Purosangue ensures an emotionally engaging experience for the front passenger through its dual-cockpit architecture. A 10.25” digital display provides essential driving information, enhancing the sense of participation in the driving experience. This entirely digital interface, consistent with Ferrari’s range, extends into the rear, creating distinct areas in terms of functionality, volumes, materials, and colors. The dual-cockpit concept epitomizes Ferrari’s dedication to driver and passenger connection.

Four Places, Four Seats

Breaking new ground in Ferrari’s history, the Ferrari Purosangue introduces a cabin with four separate and independently adjustable seats. The integration of comfort-focused components, variable density foams, and a new suspension system sets a benchmark in occupant comfort. The layout exudes the sportiness and elegance inherent in Ferrari’s design language. The heated rear seats, adjustable and reclining independently, contribute to a versatile interior. When fully raked forward, these seats significantly expand the SUV’s luggage capacity, adding practicality to the Ferrari Purosangue’s luxurious charm.

In summary, the Ferrari Purosangue’s interior is a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and luxury. From the genuine Ferrari lounge ambiance to the dual-cockpit architecture and the introduction of four independently adjustable seats, the luxury SUV redefines the standards for elegance and functionality in a luxury SUV.

* Please refer to the technical specifications below to get the actual item as it depends on the selected variant.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Ferrari Purosangue the first ever luxury SUV’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Ferrari Purosangue technical specification

The technical specifications of the Ferrari Purosangue include powertrain, brakes, suspension, interior, exterior, chassis, and axle components, as well as safety features, emissions and fuel economy ratings, and engine performance specifications.
The Technical Specifications of the Ferrari Purosangue
0-100 KM/H3.3sec
0-200 KM/H10.6sec
MAX. SPEED> 310km/h
100-0 KM/H32.8m
200-0 KM/H129m
ENGINEV12 – 65°
MAX. TORQUE716Nm at 6250 rpm
MAX. REVS8250rpm
DRY WEIGHT**2033kg
WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION49% front / 51% rear
FRONT TYRES255/35R22 J9.0
REAR TYRES315/30R23 J11.0
FRONT BRAKES398 x 38mm
REAR BRAKES380 x 34mm
FUEL CONSUMPTION30.3l/100 km (LOW), 17.1l/100 km (MID), 14.9l/100 km (HIGH), 14.7l/100 km (EXTRA HIGH), 17.3l/100 km (COMBINED)
CO2 EMISSIONS687g/km (LOW), 388g/km (MID), 337g/km (HIGH), 334g/km (EXTRA HIGH), 393g/km (COMBINED)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Ferrari Purosangue the first ever luxury SUV

The Ferrari Purosangue is a compelling choice, seamlessly merging Ferrari’s iconic performance with versatile luxury. Its innovative aerodynamics, advanced four-wheel drive, and active suspension deliver an exhilarating driving experience. The interior, resembling a sophisticated lounge, features a dual-cockpit design and four independently adjustable seats, marking a historic first for Ferrari. With a perfect blend of elegance, sportiness, and unprecedented comfort, the Ferrari Purosangue stands as the epitome of Ferrari’s commitment to redefining the luxury SUV segment.

Enthusiasts seeking a unique blend of high-performance and luxury in an SUV should consider the Ferrari Purosangue. Perfect for those who prioritize a thrilling driving experience with cutting-edge technology, the Ferrari Purosangue caters to individuals who appreciate Ferrari’s heritage of design excellence. With its four independently adjustable seats and distinctive dual-cockpit architecture, this luxury and powerful SUV appeals to those who desire a versatile and sophisticated interior while relishing the unmatched performance synonymous with the Ferrari brand.

Yes, the Ferrari Purosangue is a highly regarded car, showcasing Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and performance. With groundbreaking features like active suspension, advanced aerodynamics, and a versatile interior with four independently adjustable seats, it redefines the luxury SUV segment. The Ferrari Purosangue combines elegance, sportiness, and unprecedented comfort, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking a unique and thrilling driving experience.

The Ferrari Purosangue belongs to the luxury SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) category. It represents Ferrari’s entry into the SUV market while maintaining the brand’s emphasis on high-performance, innovative design, and luxury. The car combines the versatility of an SUV with the iconic characteristics of a Ferrari, offering a unique and powerful driving experience in the luxury SUV segment.

The first SUV from Ferrari is the Ferrari Purosangue. The car is launched in 2022 as an answer to the growing demand for luxury SUV vehicles.

*Source: Ferrari’s official website and other trusted sources.,,

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